About this organization

Organization Name: POWER Engineers

Organization Services

  • Protection & Control Systems, SCADA, Relay Systems

  • Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation

  • Regulatory, Permitting, Environmental (geological, geophysical), SF6 Replacement

  • Design Services, Substation layout & site design, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Protection & Control, AIS and GIS design, Transmission LineDesign, Tower Design

  • Automation Substation & Distribution Solutions, Industrial Control Systems, PLC, Dwrive, Human Machine Interface

  • Distribution Management, ADMS, DMS, DER, DERMS

  • Digitalization & Analytics

  • Enterprise software, ERP, Outage Management, Digital Twin, Mapping Equipment Solutions/GIS, 3D, Siite Assessment Platform

    Organization Types:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering Solutions, EPC
  • Organization Size: Revenue over 100M
  • Organization Years In business: 10+ Years

Organization Information : At POWER Engineers, we love to talk with our clients and find out what they need. We think the best results come from good relationships, which begin with good conversations. That’s why we’ll be at DISTRIBUTECH, where you can visit with us about your challenges and learn how our capabilities can address your specific needs. POWER Engineers is an international leader in power delivery. We bring strength, depth, and expertise to utilities and developers facing system upgrades, multi-faceted power delivery projects, or unique system performance issues. Advanced technologies are at the forefront of our discussions. Our broad experience with complex systems, automation control, communication networks and system management means we can apply your standards or develop novel approaches to integrate new technologies into existing systems. POWER’s engineering teams can design the right approach for any system. Design Services, Engineering/ EPC, Environment & Regulatory, Planning Services, Safety, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), Asset Management, DER Integration, Distribution Automation, Distribution Data Management and Analytics, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Distribution System Network Monitoring, Fault Location, Isolation, Service and Restoration (Flisr), Microgrids, Outage Management, Protection and Control, SCADA & Control Systems, Substation Automation, System Architecture, Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation, Volt/Var Optimization, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, DER Management Systems (DERMS), Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity, Data Management & Analytics, Data/digitalization, Enterprise Software/Platform Systems, Maintenance, Management & Monitoring Systems, Predictive Maintenance, SCADA & Control Systems, FERC Rulemaking, Integrated Resource Planning, Transmission and Distribution Planning, Data Management, Analytics & Security, HVDC, Maintenance, Management & Monitoring, Planning, Permitting and Regulatory, SCADA & Control Systems, Substation Automation, Undergrounding