About this organization

Organization Name: Neara

Organization Services

  • Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation

  • Regulatory, Permitting, Environmental (geological, geophysical), SF6 Replacement

  • Networking Hardware & Software, Telecommunications, Fiber Networks

  • Enterprise software, ERP, Outage Management, Digital Twin, Mapping Equipment Solutions/GIS, 3D, Siite Assessment Platform

    Organization Types:

  • Technology Solutions, Software Companies, IT Solutions
  • Organization Size: Revenue under 10M
  • Organization Years In business: 5-10 Years

Organization Information : At Neara, we're helping utilities future-proof their infrastructure. We create 3D network-wide models that reflect and simulate how utility assets behave in their real-world environment in any scenario, empowering you to prepare your network for anything — from systematic risks to severe weather and a clean energy future, so you can protect your assets, teams, and communities. Our customers identify and reduce risks 9x faster across a combined territory of >1m square miles and >2.5m assets. DER Integration, Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation, Planning, Permitting and Regulatory