About this organization

Organization Name: EKN Engineering

Organization Services

  • Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation

  • Cloud & Enterprise Software

  • Data Management & Analytics, Customer Analytics, Pole Analytics

  • planning Services, Project Management

  • Enterprise software, ERP, Outage Management, Digital Twin, Mapping Equipment Solutions/GIS, 3D, Siite Assessment Platform

    Organization Types:

  • Consulting
  • Technology Solutions, Software Companies, IT Solutions
  • Training/Education
  • Organization Size: Revenue under 10M
  • Organization Years In business: 10+ Years

Organization Information : EKN Engineering is a leader in offering focused, practical solutions to asset intensive organizations. We use an engineering-first approach, combined with data-driven strategies, to improve overall compliance, risk management, and design accuracy tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our goal isn't just to fix problems but to unlock an organization’s potential. We provide detailed, easy-to-integrate solutions that fit right into our clients' current systems without causing disruptions to their business. To learn more about EKN Engineering. EKN Engineering offers specialized Utility Engineering Services such as: staff augmentation and technical training, risk mitigation strategies and programs, transmission line engineering services, and project management consulting. These comprehensive services are designed to enhance asset reliability, ensure safety, and optimize project outcomes, positioning clients for success across utilities. Planning Services, Training/Education, Distribution Automation, Distribution Data Management and Analytics, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Operations Management, Outage Management, Root Cause Analysis, Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation, Cloud Solutions, Data Management & Analytics, Enterprise Software/Platform Systems, Mapping Equipment and Solutions/ GIS, Predictive Maintenance, Environmental Compliance, FERC Rulemaking, Transmission and Distribution Planning, Ancillary Services, Drones/Helicopters/Inspection, Maintenance, Management & Monitoring, Planning, Permitting and Regulatory, Vegetation Management/Wildfire Mitigation